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Experience our clean, luxurious, handcrafted candles.

Our Mission

We keep you in mind when crafting our candles by offering beautiful and enjoyable products that also ensure your wellness. We carefully select the safest and highest quality ingredients; not only because we value quality, but because we value your wellness as well.

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Our luxurious wax is a vegan blend of natural coconut and apricot oils while our eco-friendly wicks are made from FSC Certified Wood. Our candles are also clean-burning, meaning they are free of toxins, phthalates, parabens, carcinogens and mutagens making them extremely safe to burn in your homes, around your family, in your businesses, or wherever else you'd enjoy.


While other businesses may sacrifice quality ingredients to save them time or money, we vow to offer you the safest and best-quality ingredients because quality is more important to us than quantity. Each of our clean-burning fragrances are our own exclusive blends that can not be found anywhere else.


"I'm very picky about candles and haven't burned them for years because it bothers my asthma too much. I've been burning one of your candles and am SO HAPPY. It's clearly well made, good ingredients, it has not bothered my lungs one bit!"



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